a fee simple estate is a type of freehold estate.

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A landlord’s interest in property is typically a freehold estate. There are three primary types of freehold estates: fee simpleabsolute,fee simple defeasible,and life estates. A nonfreehold estate is when you have the right to use the property but you don’t own it. A tenant’s interest in a property is a nonfreehold estate.

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  • What is a fee simple estate?

  • Sometimes, it is referred as the 榝ee simple? What is the 榝ee simple? Land that is fee simple is a freehold estate of land and is the highest of two forms of land ownership in law. The other estate is a term of years absolutely (ie. a lease).

  • What is a fee simple defeasible property?

  • A fee simple defeasible is a form of freehold estate that puts more limitations on the owner compared to a fee simple absolute. With this real estate, owning the land comes with certain conditions. For example, you may have to use the property for a specific purpose. If you don follow through, you could lose ownership.

  • What is a freehold estate?

  • When you own a freehold estate, you have exclusive rights to the property for an undefined length of time. There are three types of freehold estates out there: fee simple absolute, fee simple defeasible and life estate. They represent an immovable asset in the real estate industry that you hold interest in.

  • What does fee simple mean on a deed?

  • (T/F) A fee simple estate is a type of freehold estate. (T/F) As compared to other types of deeds, a general warranty deed provides the most comprehensive warranties about the quality of the title to the property. (T/F)

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