a pur autre vie life estate

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  • What does pur autre vie mean in real estate?

  • Pur autre vie is a term used in property law to indicate the duration of a specific form of life estate created when a life estate holder transfers his or her interest to another person. It a French expression that means 渇or another life,?thus a life estate pur autre vie would endure the same amount of time as another life.

  • What future interest follows a life estate pur autre vie?

  • The future interest that follows a life estate pur autre vie is either a reversion or a remainder. Reversion in real estate is the return of property or assets to their original owner after a specific action or amount of time. A remainder in real estate is a future interest in ownership.

  • What is living life estate?

  • life estate pur autre vie(Noun) An estate in land which is given by a grantor to a party only for the duration of the life of a third party, and for which ownership will revert to another upon the death of that third party.

  • Can a life estate be reversion?

  • However, a life estate is certain to end. Thus, it is simply called a reversion. If the property is to pass to a third party, then the third party interest is called a ?remainder ? (It is not a reversion because the third party never had it in the first place, so it cannot 渞evert?to him or her.)

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