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  • Why A&E Real Estate?

  • AE Real Estate invests in neighborhoods New Yorkers call home. We are committed to a thriving city and the well-being of its residents. AE is an entrepreneurial, privately-owned, vertically-integrated real estate management and investment firm with preeminent property management, asset management, and construction capabilities.

  • Is A&E Real Estate Management a good company?

  • Start your review of AE Real Estate Management. Lived in their Riverdale Apartments and was overall pretty happy there (Attentive Super, Good Maintenance Team, Renovated Apartment, Nice Area, etc.). Working with the AE Management during my Move Out was tough tho- slow responses, not willing to help out, and frustrating overall.

  • Who is A&E?

  • AE was founded in 2011 with the simple philosophy that we and our residents have a mutual long-term interest in preserving multifamily residential buildings as high-quality, well-maintained housing assets throughout New York City strong neighborhoods.

  • What is it like to live at A&E?

  • While our property manager has been responsive and communicative, AE maintains the building poorly and seems to rely on the endless supply of Columbia students as opposed to effective property management. We lived in two AE units over two years and experienced 5 leaks that were never properly addressed, as well as many other issues.

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