are real estate agents independent contractors

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Statutory nonemployees

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  • Are real estate agents employees or independent contractors?

  • The laws at the time攁nd they still do攈ad a list of standards that were pretty rigid and made it very difficult to operate a real estate brokerage without agents being employees. Real estate agents and brokers enjoy a special IRS classification as statutory independent contractors.

  • How does an independent contractor get paid in real estate?

  • An independent contractor is paid as work is completed, meaning that in real estate, the contractor is paid when a deal closes. The commission check from the closing is made out to the agency that the agent works for and then the broker/owner of that agency cuts a check for the agent.

  • Who is liable for the actions of a real estate independent contractor?

  • Some definitions of the term state that the person or entity who’s hiring the contractor isn’t liable for the contractor’s actions, but most state real estate laws make the broker who’s in charge of an agent responsible for their actions. What Is a Real Estate Independent Contractor?

  • What does it mean to be an independent contractor?

  • 1 An independent contractor has control over when, where, and how they perform their service. 2 An independent contractor, not the client or company to whom they’re providing a service, determines when and how they will be paid. … 3 An independent contractor is not provided with the usual employee benefits, such as insurance or paid vacation. 1 锘?/div>Real Estate Independent Contractor: What Is It?

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