are real estate offices open in ny

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  • What is the New York State Board of real estate?

  • The New York State Board of Real Estate was established pursuant to 442-i of the Real Property Law. The effective date of this law was January 1, 1996.

  • Are there any open houses for agents this year?

  • But there have been no open houses for buyers or in-person visits allowed for agents who want to list a new property. This is typically the busiest time of year for the industry.

  • How do I become a New York State real estate broker?

  • At least five members of the Board must be real estate brokers. To qualify, a real estate broker must be currently licensed as a real estate broker by the State of New York and must have been engaged in the real estate business in the State of New York for at least ten years. The term of office is two years.

  • How many NYC home listings have been pulled off the market?

  • In the week of March 16, when New York City began shutting down with a series of government-mandated closures, nearly 450 listings were pulled off the market, according to analysis by UrbanDigs, a Manhattan real estate data firm.

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