can an estate own property

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  • Can an executor of a will sell the property?

  • Among those assets will be the real estate and the probate referee will appraise the real estate. If the executor can sell the property for more than 90 percent of its appraised value then they do not need to get the permission of the beneficiaries or of the court.

  • Do all estates have to go through probate?

  • Most estates go through probate because the deceased person didn plan appropriately. A probate can easily be avoided by placing all of your assets in trust or naming beneficiaries on those assets where appropriate. Probate is almost never necessary if the person has planned ahead.

  • What happens to a house if there is no will?

  • If there is no Last Will and Testament and the house was owned solely by the decedent, then the real property will pass by the laws of intestacy to the decedent heirs. If the real property is owned in a trust, then the trustee must follow the terms of the trust that relate to the real property.

  • What happens to property when the owner dies without probate?

  • Other owners or beneficiaries take control of the deceased owner’s assets by operation of law simply because they survived the deceased owner. Non-probate assets include assets owned jointly with right of survivorship, including tenancy-by-the-entirety property and some community property.

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