can you take the real estate exam online

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Whileyou can take your pre-licensing course online, the real estate exam itself will typically be held in person with a third party proctor. However, there are some states that allow you to take it online. Check with your state real estate commission to see what your options are.

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  • Can I take my Real Estate exam from home or work?

  • A live proctor will monitor you through the webcam on your workstation to provide a secure exam experience. Watch the short video on the Florida Real Estate online proctoring page to see how convenient it is to test from home or work. Be sure to run the system test before you sign in to register for an online proctored exam. Good luck!

  • What is online test prep for a real estate license?

  • Online test prep for a real estate license is a review course in preparation for the real estate license test. Every state requires some kind of pre-licensing education to get your real estate license. Online real estate schools may also offer online test prep services, which are different from getting your pre-licensing hours.

  • How do I take the Florida real estate exam online?

  • Visit the Florida Real Estate online proctoring page to read important candidate information regarding proctor language and the use of pens, paper, and calculators for exams delivered online through OnVUE. Take your Florida Real Estate exam conveniently from home through OnVUE online proctoring.

  • What kind of questions are on the real estate exam?

  • The tests include questions on general real estate topics. The tests are developed using concepts found in the general portion of the actual exam and cover areas such as product knowledge, terms, and concepts. The practice tests coincide with the current, general test outline.

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