can you work in real estate with a felony

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What might surprise you is that in the majority of states,it actually ispossibleto become a real estate agent with a felony on your record ?but you may have to go through extra processes.

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  • Can you be a felon and do real estate?

  • Can You Be a Felon and Do Real Estate? Because the real estate license is specific to each state, every state sets their own requirements. Most states allow those with a felony conviction to pursue a real estate license, with some conditions and only in certain situations.

  • Can you become a real estate agent with a criminal conviction?

  • Most states don’t have a blanket prohibition against licensing real estate agents with a criminal conviction, but reserve the right to deny applications on a case-by-case basis. Some states, such as Michigan, consider the nature of an applicant’s crime.

  • Do you have to disclose a felony on a real estate license?

  • Almost all real estate license applications include a section for disclosing felony, misdemeanor, and other convictions. It is critical that you include all convictions in your record on your real estate license application. Some states even require that these statements are notarized.

  • Can a felon get a real estate license in Georgia?

  • For example, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, and Arizona are named as the hardest states for a felon to get a real estate license. Georgia has a 95% denial rate for felony applicants!

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