do i need a real estate attorney

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Many states require a real estate lawyer to be involved in a home buying or selling transaction,but if yours doesn,hiring an attorney is still worth considering. They can help you navigate documents,resolve disputes,and make informed choices,so you can rest assured that your transaction is airtight.

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  • Do I need a real estate lawyer to sell my house?

  • As a seller, you檒l want to hire an attorney if: It especially important to consult with a real estate attorney if anything in the house or contract seems dodgy, to avoid further problems down the line. Do I Need a Real Estate Lawyer at Closing? Whether or not you need a lawyer at closing depends on your location.

  • Do I need a lawyer when buying a home in California?

  • Generally people hire an attorney if their real estate deal is anything outside a 渧anilla transaction,?says Bryan Zuetel, a real estate attorney, broker, and agent in California Orange County. Here are a few reasons home buyers and sellers may want to hire an attorney. You檙e an out-of-town buyer.

  • What does a real estate lawyer do?

  • Knowing what a real estate attorney does is the first step to ensuring that you and your family are in the best position to make a decision before buying or selling a home. What does a Real Estate Lawyer do for Buyers? A real estate lawyer can help the transaction go smoothly and mitigate risk.

  • How do I find a real estate lawyer?

  • Here are two common ways sellers find their real estate lawyers. 1. Referrals. From your agent: Experienced real estate agents often have a list of attorneys they work with regularly and recommend. They may even have a referral for an attorney who is an expert in your specific type of sale.

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