do real estate agents get benefits

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At many traditional brokerages real estate agents are typically considered independent contractors anddo not receive the standard taxes or health benefits that employees receive. However,real estate agents can still get benefits. Learn about the different ways real estate agents can find affordable health insurance.

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  • What are the benefits of working with a real estate agent?

  • Here are 10 benefits why working with a real estate agent is in your best interest. 1. They檒l Get You a Better Price When you use a real estate agent in the purchase process, they will help you get the most for your budget. They are there to know when a home is priced well,…

  • Should I use a real estate agent to sell my house?

  • Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent. You may be able to go with one of the other services that will help you sell your home, rather than using a real estate agent, but you should know that you won get nearly the same assistance, and you should be ready to do a lot more of the work, if you choose to do that.

  • Why do I need a real estate agent or broker?

  • That why 85% of buyers use a real estate agent or broker to help them navigate the complicated home search and purchase process. For most buyers, having an expert by your side who has your best interest in mind is a no-brainer.

  • Why use a realtor when buying a home?

  • Your realtor can help you feel confident and at ease throughout the process, ultimately helping you make a decision that will benefit both you and your family for many years to come. 6. Finding the Right Homes

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