do real estate agents get drug tested

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Most real estate agents work as independent contractors,not as employees. So they arerarely,if ever,subjected to drug testing by the agencies they are associated with. But it’s still a good idea to double-check with your state to make sure that such screening isn’t part of the licensing process.

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  • Do all employment agencies drug test?

  • Not all employment agencies drug test, but most of them tend to require drug screening at some point in the hiring process. Some agencies screen every candidate for drugs, whereas others only screen those candidates who’ve been matched with jobs in which the employer requires testing.

  • How easy is it to detect meth contamination in real estate?

  • As pervasive as it may be, meth contamination is not as easy to detect as potential buyers might think. Folks can check the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration drug lab registry, but there no guarantee that the property is on it.

  • Do you have to take a drug test for remote jobs?

  • Luckily, there are a variety of remote jobs out there for people who don want to take a drug test: Like other creative professions, receiving a drug test as a graphic designer is extremely rare. Typically, this job is easy to perform at home, as you are tasked with designing illustrations and logos that meet certain criteria and deadlines.

  • What are the legal issues with drug testing at work?

  • Other discrimination claims. An employer who singles out certain groups of employees ?for example, by race, age, or gender ?for drug testing could face a discrimination claim. Invasion of privacy. Even an employer that has a legitimate reason to test might violate employee privacy in the way it conducts the test.

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