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  • Who is Don Peebles and what does he do?

  • Don Peebles is the founder, CEO, and chairman of Peebles Corporation, which is a real estate development firm based in New York City. He started the company in 1983.

  • How did Don Peebles get rich?

  • Don Peebles had it all planned out. He was going to major in pre-med at Rutgers University, move on to medical school, and become a doctor to establish some financial security. Then he檇 use his income to invest in real estate and get really rich.

  • Is Don Peebles related to Roy Willoughby?

  • Don Peebles is the son of Roy Donahue Peebles, Sr. and Ruth Yvonne Willoughby. When he was eight years old, the family relocated to Detroit, where he spent some part of his childhood until he returned to Washington, where he attended high school.

  • Why did Peebles become a real estate broker?

  • She became a real estate salesperson and broker as a way to make extra money to support the family when they were living in Detroit for a few years, and a young Peebles filed that away as a possibility to support himself in the future.

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