how consistenly should i post real estate blogs

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  • What is blogging for real estate?

  • Blogging for real estate is the first step in creating that strategy that will help you get more traffic. Blogging helps you get more traffic in two primary ways. First, a real estate blog focuses on topics that people are actually looking for. Websites that have blogs have 400X more pages showing up in search results.

  • Should you create a real estate blog or YouTube channel?

  • Just because you檙e creating a real estate blog or YouTube channel does not mean that all of your content has to be real estate specific. Add variety into your content and share information that people moving to your city, or who already live in your city, might be interested in.

  • How to build real estate leads with a blog?

  • If you檝e been blogging for real estate and building your traffic, then they檙e hanging out on your website. Some of the people visiting your blog will contact you. But for the rest, you need to pull them into the funnel to turn them into a lead. Once they檙e in this funnel, guide them deeper into the funnel.

  • How much real estate content should you create each week?

  • With only one piece of content per week, you will have 50 posts by the end of the year that will all be drawing in traffic to your business. Use the real estate content ideas below to give you some inspiration about what to create.

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