how do i prepare a final accounting for an estate

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  • How do I produce a final accounting in an estate?

  • Producing a final accounting in any estate is a process that begins as soon as the decedent dies. Throughout the estate administration, the executor must keep the Inventory of Assets updated and track the estate bank account activity.

  • What information is needed to complete a final accounting?

  • This guide lists the information necessary to complete a final accounting, including funds received since the estate was opened, any gains or losses from assets of the estate, money spent, and value of property held in the estate at the time of the final accounting.

  • What is final accounting in probate?

  • Final accounting is when the personal representative lets the court know what assets were in the estate, what creditors were paid and how she is going to distribute the remaining assets. This petition must be filed before beneficiaries can receive their share of the assets and the estate is closed.

  • What is the final step in the probate process?

  • Final accounting and distribution of the assets is the last step in the process. You’ll need to file a petition with the probate court and request to close the estate. The exact procedure varies among states, but the general requirements are the same.

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