how do real estate auctions work

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Real estate auctions involve selling real estate (often undervalued) like foreclosed homes,short-sales,and REOs to the public throughcompetitive bidding. But how do real estate auctions work? Read on to learn the basics of real estate auctions.

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  • How exactly do property auctions work?

  • How Exactly do Property Auctions Work? The process of buying a house at a property auction has three distinct phases. Firstly there is the preparation period after the catalogue has come out. Second is the day of the auction, itself. And, third is the completion period after which the property and the keys are yours.

  • How do I market my property for auction?

  • Marketing a property in readiness for an auction should commence around six weeks before the event. A real estate agent should utilise a range of marketing opportunities to create a real 榖uzz?around the property. Possible outlets could include: As part of the marketing process, vendors will need to make their home available for viewing.

  • How does a foreclosure auction work in New York?

  • How Home Auctions Work. When a homeowner misses several months of mortgage payments, the bank or other lender can place the property under foreclosure and move to get the tenants evicted. It then places the home in a foreclosure auction, which is held by bank-hired trustees.

  • Can you buy and sell a property after an auction?

  • If a property hasn’t sold at auction, the auctioneer will ask any interested buyers to make an offer afterwards, so it still possible to buy and sell a property after an auction.

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