how does life insurance create an immediate estate

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  • What is estate planning and estate insurance?

  • How we are concerned with estates and estate planning is the singular ability of life insurance to immediately create an estate with out other documents such as will, deeds, or trusts.

  • Do life insurance benefits go through probate?

  • It passes directly to the life insurance beneficiary. If an asset is not correctly handled during the estate planning process, it can be subject to probate which may lead to taxation, offsets by existing debts, and other complications. In some ways, life insurance benefits are like property in the context of estate planning.

  • Are proceeds from a life insurance policy protected from creditors?

  • (The clause in a life insurance policy protecting its proceeds from the beneficiary’s creditors is referred to as the spendthrift trust clause.) Proceeds from a life insurance policy are protected from the beneficiary’s creditors by which clause? Nice work!

  • What is an estate in simple terms?

  • A person’s estate in simple terms is the net total of assets, properties and other items that are owned. The context we are using the word estate in has to do with the plan for how these assets will be handled upon the trigger of some event..such as the death of the owner.

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