how long can an estate bank account remain open

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While death is certain,the fate of a decedent’s bank account is not. Sometimes bank accounts close immediately upon death. In other cases,the accounts remain open formonths or even yearsas the estate awaits settlement in probate court.

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  • How long does a bank account stay open after death?

  • Sometimes bank accounts close immediately upon death. In other cases, the accounts remain open for months or even years as the estate awaits settlement in probate court. Co-ownership of a bank account also affects the length of time the account stays open.

  • How do I open a bank account for an estate?

  • To open any bank or investment account, you檒l need a taxpayer ID number for the estate, which is itself a taxpayer. You can apply for an ID number online, at You need to complete a simple form with a confusing title: IRS Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number.

  • When to close the bank account of an estate?

  • Closing the Bank Account. Closing the bank account typically is the last step after the court or beneficiaries have approved the executor accounting and the estate is ready to close. There may be a few final bills requiring payment, such as compensation to the executor for her services.

  • What happens to the estate bank account during probate?

  • The estate executor must open a bank account to accept and hold this money. She also should close any other bank accounts in the deceased name and move the money into the estate account. The account might also receive dividends, interest from investments or other income that may be paid to the deceased while his estate is in probate.

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