how much do real estate wholesalers make

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  • How much money can you make wholesale real estate?

  • In general, the average profit when you wholesale real estate properties is in the range $5,000-$10,000 per deal. While this might not sound like a lot for an aspiring real estate investor, you should keep in mind that it should take you no more than a few weeks to wholesale a property.

  • How much do Wholesalers make on average per deal?

  • I buy a lot of houses from wholesalers, and some are happy with $5,000 per deal while others make $10,000 to $20,000 per deal. The wholesalers making more money per deal have a large buyer list and often can get buyers to pay more than their asking price.

  • What is wholesaling real estate?

  • Wholesaling real estate is a type of short-term investment strategy. When you wholesale real estate, you become the middleman between a seller and an investor who wants to buy the property. A wholesaler finds a property priced below market value, usually in need of repairs, and contacts the seller to make a wholesale agreement ?i.e.,

  • Can wholesale property buyers get rich without money?

  • Many gurus love to teach wholesaling as an easy way to get rich without any money. While you can wholesale properties with much less money than the traditional way of buying real estate it usually takes at least a little money. It also takes hard work finding deals and buyers, but good wholesalers make a lot money.

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