how much does a real estate agent make a year

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Real estate agents’ earnings range quite a bit,from a modest $25,000 or less to more than $1 millionannually. Agents’ salaries are usually based on commission攁 percentage of the sales price that they split with their brokerage.

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  • How much do real estate agents make in each state?

  • For example, real estate agents in New York make $102,200 per year, on average. Agents in South Dakota, by comparison, make $45,550 per year. See the map below for a complete state-by-state breakdown. How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make Per Year? Real estate agents earn $62,990 per year, on average.

  • How much does a real estate agent make in Australia?

  • The average salary for a real estate agent is $66,779 per year in Australia. Was the salaries overview information useful? Top companies for Real Estate Agents in Australia

  • How much does a first-year real estate agent make?

  • How Much Does a First-Year Real Estate Agent Make? If you’ve heard that real estate can be a lucrative career path, you’ve heard right. According to Indeed, the average salary is just over $83,000 for first-year full-time agents ?but this rate can vary greatly.

  • How much does a commercial real estate agent make in Canada?

  • Commercial Real Estate Agent. 192 openings. Average salary. Canada. $71,922 per year. View salaries Job openings.

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