how much does a real estate photographer make

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  • How much do photographers get paid?

  • Wages can also vary depending on the time of year for photographers who specialize in seasonal events. The average salary for photographers in the United States is $17.13 per hour although updated salary averages can be found on Indeed, and some salaries range from $7.25 to $41.55 per hour.

  • How much does commercial real estate photography cost?

  • A professional photographer who specializes in commercial real estate photography earns from $400 per hour. Thus, for one photo session, you can get an average of $800-1500.

  • What does a real estate photographer do?

  • A real estate photographer is an artistic professional who takes favorable photos of commercial and residential property. They work with realtors who use the photos to sell properties online. Real estate photographers may also take photographs for model home builders, designers, home decorators or architects.

  • How much do real estate agents make a year?

  • The typical take-home pay for an agent on a $255,739 home (the nationwide median home value) is $4,350. Theoretically, an agent needs to make approximately 14-15 home sales in a year to earn the national average income. How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make Per Hour?

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