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Agents and brokers

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  • What does a realtor do?

  • How Realtors Work. Realtors do the work of a real estate agent. Many of them will install attractive yard signs, like this one, to help their clients who are selling homes. See more real estate pictures.

  • How does the real estate process work?

  • The real estate process formally begins when a homeowner decides he or she is ready to sell. The homeowner seeks out a real estate agent, usually though recommendation or Internet research. The homeowner and agent then negotiate terms of the agent commission. Once they come to an agreement, they typically sign an exclusive right to sell contract.

  • What is real estate investing and how does it work?

  • Real estate investing is the purchase of real estate. To fully understand this definition, we must first define real estate. Real estate is essentially any piece of land and property attached to that land. Anything natural or man-made that are a part of this land, including trees, buildings, or fences, are considered real estate.

  • How do you work with a real estate team?

  • Rather than working with one real estate agent, you’d work with the team as a whole. There are no set procedures that all real estate teams must follow, but team members almost invariably pitch in for each other and share the team spirit. A client can contact any other team member for assistance if one particular agent isn’t available.

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