how to become a commercial real estate appraiser

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How to Become a Commercial Real Estate Appraiser To start your career as a commercial real estate appraiser,you must meet several educational and licensing qualifications. You need anassociate degree in real estate,business,or finance. Some employers require a bachelor degree,especially for advanced positions.

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  • What are the requirements to become a real estate appraiser?

  • Training Requirements: 3,000 hours of real estate appraisal experience over the course of at least 30 months; 50% of these hours must be in non-residential work. Education Requirements: Bachelor Degree or higher (no individual course substitutions are allowed).

  • What can you do with a real estate appraisal certification?

  • Once the certification is obtained, appraisers can appraise 1-4-unit properties as well as vacant land of all sizes. This will increase the appraiser workload and increase their financial freedom. Within the certification levels there is one final level of certification that will allow the appraiser to work for anyone regardless of property type.

  • Is becoming a Certified Appraiser worth it?

  • But there is another level to the appraisal career. Becoming a certified appraiser is a way to increase your career prospects as a real estate appraiser and even make more money. (see the appraiser income guide to learn current income trends of general appraisers)

  • What does an appraiser do?

  • Appraisers can specialize in commercial or residential real estate. They are typically employed full-time by real estate companies or government agencies, though it is also common to be a self-employed real estate appraiser.

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