how to become a real estate agent oklahoma

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5 Steps To Get Your Real Estate License In OklahomaComplete 90 hours of approved Oklahoma Pre-Licensing Education OR 6 hours of college credit in a real estate discipline. …Submit your fingerprints and pass the background check. …Schedule and pass the Oklahoma Salesperson Exam. …Complete the Oklahoma Provisional Sales Associate application. …Find a sponsoring broker. …

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  • How to get a real estate license in Oklahoma?

  • 1 Complete a 90-hour Basic Pre-License Course. 2 Submit your real estate license application to the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission (OREC). 3 Complete a background check. 4 Pass the Oklahoma Salesperson exam. 5 Pay your license fee to the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission.

  • Can DACA recipients get a real estate license in Oklahoma?

  • DACA recipients are not eligible to obtain an Oklahoma Real Estate license. INA Section 248 (8 US Code Section 1258) requires the beneficiary to be in a lawful non-immigrant status to begin with, before their status can be changed.

  • How do I get a real estate license in Florida?

  • College attendees with at least 6 credits in a real estate discipline may also qualify. In order to take your licensing exam and complete the real estate licensing application, you檒l need to submit your fingerprints for a background check.

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