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  • What is the average salary of a real estate agent?

  • The National Careers Service puts the average salary of entry-level agents at around 15,000. Through time and effort, they can earn as much as 40,000. According to the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook, meanwhile, real estate agents in the US earn a median salary of $47,880.

  • How do I become a realtor?

  • 1 Take a real estate pre-licensing course 2 Take the real estate licensing exam 3 Activate your real estate license 4 Consider becoming a Realtor 5 Join a brokerage

  • Is becoming a real estate agent right for You?

  • If you decide becoming an agent is right for you, you will need to take specific classes and pass the real estate exam. Every state has different licensing requirements in terms of how many hours of education you need to take.

  • How much Commission do real estate agents get paid?

  • Real estate agents earn their annual income through commission paid directly to brokers upon successful completion of a sale. The typical percentage of commission that agents receive is five to six percent of the home’s listing price, though this number can sometimes vary from one to 10 percent depending on the specific agreement.

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