how to buy real estate with no money down book

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  • How to buy a property with no money down?

  • It is also possible to purchase a property with no money down by exchanging the real estate property with a property of your own. This process requires an accurate assessment of both properties and their values, and the difference in value should be compensated with cash or other means.

  • What do you do when you have no money to invest?

  • This is part of the path we took when we had no money to invest, it just so happens that a lot of the things we did for extra money were also real estate related. But if you檙e good at something other than real estate, then use that skill to generate additional income you can put toward investing in real estate.

  • What is the best book on real estate investing?

  • His first book, the colossal #1 New York Times bestseller, Nothing Down: How to Buy Real Estate with Little or No Money Down, is the largest selling real estate investment book in history, and established Bob as one of the most influential investment advisors of all time.

  • Can You Wholesale real estate with no money?

  • A lot of 済urus?will advise new investors who are looking to get into real estate with no money to start with wholesaling. While it not the worst idea in the world, wholesaling is HARD WORK. It is really a job, and not investing. But you can make good money doing it.

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