how to find investors for real estate

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You can find a list of local investorsthrough a local real estate brokerage or by searching public records. You檒l probably have to make a few phone calls to find someone who is interested,but you檇 be surprised at how effective this method can be. Private Investor vs Hard Money Lender

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  • How to find local investors for your investment property?

  • Look for people in the area who are experts in real estate or know local investors. You can ask a local real estate agent or broker for suggestions on which local investors may be interested in expanding their portfolios. Agents and brokers eat, sleep, and breathe real estate. So they know who the local players are.

  • Should I tell people I’m looking for real estate investors?

  • It won’t hurt to tell everyone in your network you are looking for real estate investors, but target your search with other types of networking. Local real estate agents keep a list of investors; they serve as the eyes and ears in exchange for the chance to represent investors in the deal.

  • How do I invest in real estate?

  • Real estate investments require capital. Depending on the property and your creditworthiness, you might be able to get bank financing; otherwise, seek private investors.

  • Where can I find international investors for real estate?

  • If you can’t find anything local, look to online resources. Some angel investor clubs have international investors as members. Find forums and groups to discuss different aspects of real estate investing. Become an active member and learn who the players are.

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