how to get a real estate license ca

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One of the critical steps in getting a real estate license in California ispassing the Salesperson license exam. In order to qualify to take the exam,you must meet the following general requirements as listed by the DRE: Be at least 18 years of age

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  • Can you apply for a California real estate license online?

  • You cannot apply for a California real estate license online. You must either fax or mail the completed application, along with any transcripts and fees paid by check, credit card or money order. 9 The review process takes about six weeks, after which time you’ll be able to schedule your exam.

  • How much does it cost to get a California real estate license?

  • The current license fee is $300 and the current exam fee is $95. After completing the application to take the exam, or the application to take the exam and obtain a real estate license, you will have to mail it to the Bureau of Real Estate, P.O. Box 137001, Sacramento, CA 95813-7001.

  • What are the requirements to become a real estate agent in California?

  • The requirements to become a real estate agent in California are clear – be 18 or older, complete three required courses, pass the written license exam and, finally, complete the license application.

  • How do I pass my real estate exam in California?

  • If you want help passing your real estate exam, The CE Shop offers comprehensive Exam Prep tailored to California. Choose a sponsoring broker. To begin your new career, you must be sponsored by an active California real estate broker.

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