how to get a real estate license in tx

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Complete your license application

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  • What are the requirements to get a Texas real estate license?

  • Before you can earn a Texas real estate license, you will have to meet the official requirements. You have to be 18 years or older, a Texas resident, a Permanent Resident, or a US citizen, and you have to meet the Texas Real Estate Commission integrity, trustworthiness and honesty standards.

  • How do I Activate my real estate license in Texas?

  • In order to 渁ctivate?your license, you will need to be sponsored by a licensed real estate broker in Texas. If you already have a broker in mind or have an agreement with a real estate company, you can apply for sponsorship on the TREC member website.

  • How much does it cost to renew a Texas real estate license?

  • Texas Real Estate License Renewal Texas real estate licenses are good for two years, and the state will notify you approximately 90 days before your renewal date. Renewal fees are $90 for an agent, while a broker license renewal costs $147. 9 Does Texas Require Post-Licensing Education?

  • Can I work as a real estate agent in Texas?

  • Once you have your license, you will legally be allowed to work as a real estate agent in Texas. What if I have a real estate license from another state? You will have to get a separate license for the state of Texas.

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