how to get into commercial real estate

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Meet the eligibility requirements. First,you must ensure that you are eligible to become a real estate agent in the state you wish to practice.Take the required courses. Becoming a commercial real estate agent has the same course requirements as a residential agent. …Obtain your commercial real estate agent license. Once you have taken the required coursework,you can take the licensing exam. …Find employment. Next,you can begin pursuing job opportunities. One option is to work for a brokerage firm that handles both residential and commercial real estate transactions.Join professional associations. Some real estate firms may require you to join a state or national real estate association as a condition of employment.

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  • How to invest in commercial real estate?

  • Investing in commercial real estate requires individuals to think big and have an open mind. When investing in residential real estate, the properties under consideration are much smaller in scale. With a commercial property, you must visualize a finished product even in the beginning stages of redevelopment.

  • What licenses do you need to sell commercial real estate?

  • All real estate agents must obtain a license from the state in which they wish to practice in order to represent buyers and sellers, as well as lessors and lessees in property transactions. This is the same license regardless of whether you want to sell commercial or residential properties. To obtain the license, you must:

  • How do I become a realtor?

  • 1 Take a real estate pre-licensing course 2 Take the real estate licensing exam 3 Activate your real estate license 4 Consider becoming a Realtor 5 Join a brokerage

  • What degree do you need to become a commercial real estate agent?

  • A commercial real estate agent needs to have a proper degree to work in the market, which helps him or her to make full use of their knowledge in the field. On the other hand, residential real estate agents don need a degree.

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