how to get my real estate license in florida

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How to Get Your Florida Real Estate LicenseReal Estate Pre-Licensing Course. Within 24 months of application,you must successfully complete 63 hours of pre-licensing instruction from an approved school or provider.Fingerprinting and Background Check. After completing your pre-licensing requirements,the next step is to complete your fingerprinting and background check.Real Estate License Application. Licensees must submit an application to the Florida Real Estate Commission before attempting to schedule the license exam.Florida Real Estate License Exam. Once your application has been approved by the DRE,Pearson VUE ?who handles the real estate exams ?will send you an …Application Review. Once you檝e passed your exam,you will only need to wait for the Florida Real Estate Commission to issue your license.

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  • Can you apply for a Florida real estate license online?

  • Can You Apply for a Florida Real Estate License Online? You can apply for a Florida real estate license online or by mail. You can easily access either option through the application site for the license you are seeking. 2 The review process takes about four to six weeks, after which you檒l be able to schedule your exam.

  • How do I become a real estate broker in Florida?

  • How much experience do I need? 1 Step 1: Fulfill pre-licensing education requirements. 2 Step 2: Apply to take the Florida real estate broker exam. 3 Step 3: Take and pass the state real estate exam.

  • How long does it take to get a Florida real estate license?

  • Understand Florida’s real estate licensing requirements and the sales associate application process. All candidates are required to complete 63 hours of online or classroom approved pre-licensing education. In Florida, all required real estate license courses can be completed online with a state-approved school.

  • How to get a real estate license in California?

  • How to Obtain a License. 1 Step 1: Register for Class. The Sales Associate Pre-License Course is required if you have not previously had a real estate license. The Broker … 2 Step 2: Submit State Application. 3 Step 3: Register for Electronic Fingerprinting. 4 Step 4: Attend Class. 5 Step 5: Pass the State License Exam. More items

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