how to get real estate license in fl

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5 Steps to Get Your Real Estate License in FloridaTake the pre-license course. Take the state-approved sales associate 63-hour pre-license course and pass the exam. …Apply to take the Florida real estate exam. Get your electronic fingerprints. …Take and pass the state real estate exam. …Affiliate with a broker. …Join a local Realtor association/board. …

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  • Can you apply for a Florida real estate license online?

  • Can You Apply for a Florida Real Estate License Online? You can apply for a Florida real estate license online or by mail. You can easily access either option through the application site for the license you are seeking. 2 The review process takes about four to six weeks, after which you檒l be able to schedule your exam.

  • How long does it take to get a Florida real estate license?

  • Understand Florida’s real estate licensing requirements and the sales associate application process. All candidates are required to complete 63 hours of online or classroom approved pre-licensing education. In Florida, all required real estate license courses can be completed online with a state-approved school.

  • What are the requirements to get a broker license in Florida?

  • Broker License applicants must have held an active real estate license in any state for at least 2 out of the previous 5 years. Florida residency is not required. Application approval generally takes 10-30 days. The steps outlined below will tell you how to obtain a Florida Real Estate License.

  • How do I take the Florida real estate exam?

  • Step 2: Apply to take the Florida real estate exam 1 Get your electronic fingerprints. The Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR) needs them in order to… 2 Submit an application to the DBPR. The fee is $83.75, which you can pay online or by mail with a check or money order. More …

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