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The first step toward unlocking the Formation Estate in Genshin Impact is tocomplete the first three parts of the Orobashi’s Legacy World Quest. The first part of this quest chain can be picked up from Kaji,an NPC located on the east side of Fort Fujitou,and it centers around collecting two missing parts and repairing a ward.

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  • How do I open the formation estate domain?

  • To be able to open the Formation estate domain you will first need to stop the rain in the area. To stop the rain complete World Quests Orobashi Legacy Part 1,2 3.

  • How do I unlock the formation estate?

  • The precise way to unlock the Formation Estate is to light the four braziers that surround the cube, starting with the one closest to the cube and working clockwise.

  • How do you get to formation estate in Inazuma?

  • Formation Estate is a One-Time Domain in Inazuma. It contains the single level Tutelage: King of Thieves . In order to access this Domain, the player must have completed Orobashi’s Legacy: Part III, in order to stop the permanent lightning storm in the area. The player must then light the sconces in the order that the Seelie travels by using Pyro .

  • How do I get past the shield around the formation estate?

  • Near the Formation Estate Domain, you will find a block-shaped switch surrounded by a red shield. Near the switch, you will find four torches as shown in the picture below. Light the torches and this will make the switch accessible. Once you have lit up the four torches mentioned above, the shield around the block-shaped switch will go away.

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