how to quit your job with real estate

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  • Should you quit your job and focus on real estate fulltime?

  • Quitting your job and focusing on real estate fulltime when you have absolutely no money coming in and there no way to be sustainable to make sure a deal is closed, for you to do that, that would be like eating the absolute worst food for you.

  • Should you leave your J-O-B to invest in real estate?

  • For so many budding creative real estate entrepreneurs, the thought of leaving their J-O-B to commit full time to real estate is a very liberating dream. And it is made all the more tempting every time you have a bad day at work. But when is the best time to make the leap to full time real estate investor?

  • What do people track when they quit their jobs?

  • For the most part, people will track other things like becoming a creative real estate investor so they can quit their job, and I understand that.

  • Is real estate a good career?

  • Real estate is wonderful, especially residential, not commercial, but residential because typically, the sellers of homes, they are at home and available for the phone calls in the evening times when you檙e home from work. Also, the buyers usually look at properties on the weekends. Typically, when somebody with a normal job would be available.

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