how to reduce taxable income with real estate

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If you invest directly in equity real estate (or via syndications or private non-REIT funds),thedepreciation of the propertycan eliminate the taxes on the income from the property for many years. You can also avoid the recapture of that depreciation by exchanging a property rather than selling it.

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  • How can I reduce my capital gains tax on real estate investments?

  • You lower your tax rate, earn some cash flow, and may even benefit from appreciation and a higher sales price. Here are some other tips to reduce your capital gains rate on real estate investments, along with additional details on who qualifies as a dealer. 3. Avoid Paying Double FICA Taxes

  • How can I pay less tax on my income?

  • You can pay less tax by making investments in tax-deductible or tax-exempt funds, like retirement funds and municipal bonds. By spending this money, you are reducing the part of your income that is taxable by the government. The other way to reduce your taxable income is by spreading your income over multiple tax years.

  • What are the tax implications of owning real estate?

  • Ordinary income is taxed much higher than capital gains so a strategy for real estate investors is to own a property for at least one year. After one year the taxes paid are capital gains with rates as low at 15%. 6. Leverage Tax Loss Harvesting

  • Can I reduce my taxable income by making up deductions?

  • Do not try to reduce your taxable income by making up deductions or expenses. This is tax fraud and is illegal. If you are unsure, contact a tax specialist and get sound financial advice. Tax reform eliminated some of the complicated, itemized deductions that taxpayers could use in the past.

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