how to report a real estate agent in georgia

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You can file a complaint against your real estate agent with theBetter Business Bureau ( All you have to do is provide them with your zip code and you檒l be redirected to the website for your local chapter. Go to the 楩or Consumers?page and then click on the 楩ile a Complaint?button.

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  • What does the Georgia real estate commission look for in applicants?

  • The Georgia Real Estate Commission wants to make sure every applicant that receives a license has the honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, and competence to meet the demands of the job. Passing the exam satisfies the competency part. For the other parameters, the commission uses a thorough background check.

  • Does the Georgia Department of real estate regulate brokers?

  • The Department does not regulate real estate brokers, real estate salespersons, or real estate firms. However, such brokers, salespersons, and firms are regulated by the Georgia Real Estate Commission and Appraisers Board (淕REC?.

  • Can I get a Georgia real estate license with a criminal record?

  • If you have a criminal record it still possible to get a real estate license in Georgia, but the process is a little more complicated and there no guarantee your license will be granted. Here how it works. After you complete your pre-licensing education, you will apply to take the state licensing exam.

  • How can real estate professionals stay informed about Georgia Dream guidelines?

  • We recommend that Real Estate Professionals stay informed of the latest Georgia Dream guidelines by attending an overview training as needed. Our in-person classes are currently on hold, but you may register to attend a virtual training by signing up for the Georgia Dream Weekly Newsletter .

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