how to research commercial real estate

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  • What is commercial research in real estate?

  • Commercial Research. The annual Commercial Lending Survey provides insights into REALTORS’ commercial financing conditions. The report details liquidity conditions, market impact, funding sources, and respondents’ comments.

  • How to research real estate markets?

  • Usually, we advise real estate investors to begin with the macro (real estate market analysis) and then move to the micro level (neighborhood analysis). The first step then of how to research real estate markets is to investigate the city where you wish to buy an investment property to rent out.

  • What is the commercial real estate market survey?

  • Commercial Real Estate Market Survey. The quarterly REALTORS Commercial Real Estate Market Survey measures activity in the commercial real estate markets. It is designed to provide members with an overview of the market performance, sales and rental transactions, current economic challenges and future expectations.

  • What do commercial real estate professionals look for in property analysis?

  • The four things almost all commercial real estate professionals will be looking for in their property analysis are numbers, narratives, indications, and assurance. Numbers are the gritty details of a property攖he years, dates, prices, and measurements associated with it. Narratives are the stories and history behind a property.

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