how to terminate a life estate deed

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It is possible to terminate a life estate for a few specific events. The life tenant may terminate the life estate while the said person is still living byforming and entering another deed to the same estate that precisely ends the deed.

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  • How to end a life estate deed?

  • A deed ending a life estate has typically the remainderman named on the first life estate deed as the beneficiary of the mentioned estate. A life estate can be terminated or ended upon the loss of the life tenant. As per Pur Autre Vie life estate, the property terminates in the death of the measuring life. Happen in several ways, like:

  • How do I remove a life estate from a property?

  • The person who owns the life estate can execute a quitclaim deed to the fee owner that releases all of their right, title and interest in the property. A statement can be added to the deed stating that the purpose of the deed is to extinguish the life estate. Once that release deed has been recorded the property will be free of the life estate.

  • How do you record a new deed after the death of owners?

  • To record a new deed after the death of a life estate holder, you’ll need to obtain the deceased individual’s death certificate and file it along with the original deed and required forms. Locate the life estate deed for the property that is passing to you.

  • What happens to a life estate when the owner dies?

  • Life estates allow the holder to use and possess the property during their lifetime. Accordingly, life estates will generally terminate upon the death of the life tenant. Once this happens, the property may revert to the original grantor if they are still alive, or it will pass to their estate.

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