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How to unlock Formation Estate domain in Genshin ImpactStarts the world quest,Orobashi’s Legacy To stop the rainfall around the Formation Estate,players first need to complete the Orobashi’s Legacy: Part III in Genshin Impact.Mind the missing parts of Narukami Pillar. To locate the missing parts,players can use Elemental Sight,which will lead to a blue dome. …Solve the dome puzzle. …More items…

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  • How to unlock Genshin Impact formation estate domain?

  • To unlock the Genshin Impact Formation Estate domain, you have to play through the entirety of the Orobashi Legacy quest line in order to stop the rain. The quest begins in the Fort Fujitou area, in the location shown below.

  • How to stop rainfall around formation estate in Genshin Impact?

  • To stop the rainfall around the Formation Estate, players first need to complete the Orobashi’s Legacy: Part III in Genshin Impact. Players can initiate the Orobashi’s Legacy quest series by interacting with Kaji near Fort Fujitou.

  • How do I unlock the formation estate domain?

  • Find out how to unlock the Formation Estate Domain, its rewards, and other information in this guide! Formation Estate is located in Jakotsu Mine, Yashiori Island in the Inazuma Region. You will only be able to unlock it once you stop the rain on this part of Yashiori Island.

  • How do I find the formation estate domain in Inazuma?

  • One of Inazuma domains is locked behind a lengthy quest. Several of Genshin Impact domains in Inazuma are hidden away, including the Formation Estate domain. To dig it up, you檒l need to complete a certain world quest. Our Genshin Impact guide will explain where to find the Formation Estate domain and how to get to it.

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