is a real estate broker an sstb

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Not considered SSTBs

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  • Is a broker a SStB?

  • Brokers or agents who facilitate transactions between buyer and seller for a commission or fee are considered SSTBs, with the exception of those working in the real estate or insurance fields. Stockbrokers and securities dealers are also SSTBs, as are investing, investment management, and asset management services.

  • Are real estate agents sstbs under section 199A?

  • Fortunately, Section 199A shows favor to the real estate industry in its definition of a 渜ualified trade or business.?Specifically carved out in the definitions and examples of the proposed regulations is that real estate agents, brokers or property managers are not considered SSTBs.

  • Are real estate management companies considered sstbs?

  • Since real estate companies and real estate management companies are not considered SSTBs, they calculate their portion of the deduction only subject to the income thresholds:

  • Is an Enrolled Agent an SStB?

  • Accounting Defined as an SSTB: The provision of services by individuals such as accountants, enrolled agents return preparers, financial auditors and similar professionals performing services in their capacity as such. Not considered an SSTB: In this case, the IRS did not provide a list of services that would not constitute accounting.

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