is an estate a trust

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No,a trust and estate are technically two separate entities. An estate includes all assets owned by a person when the individual dies. Your estate represents your money,property,car,furniture and business.

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  • Do I need a will or a trust for my estate?

  • An estate exists whether you plan for one or not. However, you can structure your estate by writing a will, which dictates who gets your assets and how. A trust has to be specifically created. Once a trust has been created it, too, dictates who gets your assets and how.

  • What is a trust in probate law?

  • Many trusts are created as an alternative to or in conjunction with a will and other elements of estate planning. State law establishes the framework for determining the validity and limits for both. The Uniform Probate Code has shaped state law in this field.

  • Who owns the assets in a trust?

  • A living trust is a legal document that takes the place of a simple will. However, in a living trust, the grantor, who is typically the creator of the trust, grants a trustee or trustees specified assets. The trustees do not own the assets. Instead, they hold the assets for the beneficiary or beneficiaries.

  • What is an estate planning trust and why do I need one?

  • There are several purposes of an Estate Planning Trust, but one of the more common reasons people choose to use them is to better-ensure their assets are handled exactly as they wish, from the moment the Trust goes into effect, until long after passing. They can also be used as a means to manage tax consequences on an estate.

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