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  • Are estate planning attorney legal fees tax deductible?

  • While not every legal fee you pay counts as an eligible deduction, the good news is that many of them can help ease your tax burden. This is good news for anyone concerned with how much they will have to pay an estate planning attorney in legal fees.

  • Which estate planning instruments don qualify for tax deductions?

  • Other estate planning instruments that don qualify for deductions would include healthcare directives, powers of attorney, and guardianship designations . Attorney invoices include a list of services rendered throughout the course of service.

  • Are legal fees for a trust tax deductible?

  • Legal fees you pay toward the preparation of filing taxes for a trust are also eligible for deduction. These fees could relate to collection or refund of estate taxes. Estate planning fees that are not tax deductible would be legal advice about the creation of a trust or issues that relate to the transfer of property.

  • What are the rules for estate planning fees?

  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Rules. In order to be deductible, the IRS requires that estate planning fees must be paid: (1) for the production or collection of income; (2) for the management, conservation or maintenance of property held for the production of income; or (3) in connection with the determination,…

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