is estate planning tax deductible

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Aren’t tax deductible

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  • Are estate planning legal fees deductible?

  • Some attorneys issue separate invoices for the deductible and non-deductible legal fees. Commonly, about 40% to 60% of estate planning legal fees may be deductible, although the percentage varies for each individual case. We encourage you to discuss this with your attorney early on in the process.

  • Which estate planning instruments don qualify for tax deductions?

  • Other estate planning instruments that don qualify for deductions would include healthcare directives, powers of attorney, and guardianship designations . Attorney invoices include a list of services rendered throughout the course of service.

  • What does estate planning include?

  • It includes the creation of legal documents such as trusts and wills, as well as that of directives such as durable power of attorney and living wills. Estate planning isn only for the rich.

  • Should I hire a tax-deductible estate planning attorney?

  • Many estate planning attorneys already bill separately for tax-deductible services, but it still a good idea to address the topic with your attorney early in the process. The best time to discuss it would be in your initial consultation, while you are evaluating the potential fit with this particular attorney.

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