is kaplan real estate accredited

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Yes,Kaplan Real Estate school is accredited and approved to offer real estate courses in every state they have courses available. Is Kaplan Real Estate School Legit? Yes,Kaplan Real Estate school is a legitimate school and has been around for many years.

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  • Is Kaplan real estate school a good school?

  • ActiveRain did a Kaplan Real Estate School review in which they gave the school a 4.17 out of 5 rating. Like reviews, testimonials can tell you a great deal about the best online real estate schools. The first one comes from Wendy Gimpel, a real estate agent that got her license at Kaplan and talks from her own personal experience .

  • Why choose Kaplan for your real estate license renewal?

  • This means that students are almost guaranteed to pass. Step by step support: Kaplan doesn only teach students about real estate; they provide career support and online classes on how students can start their own business. Kaplan takes it a step further by delivering continuing courses in the case of license renewal.

  • Why take continuing education courses at Kaplan?

  • Their continuing education courses help existing licensees to fulfill their requirements in that regard, with OnDemand video courses, or a more traditional online text-based format. Kaplan Real Estate Reviews praise the schools?continuing education just as much as the initial lessons.

  • Does Kaplan offer tuition assistance or a payment plan?

  • But, unlike other real estate schools, the Kaplan Real Estate School does not offer tuition assistance, or a payment plan. Once you sign up, expect to pay tuition in full.

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