is kaplan real estate accredited

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  • What is Kaplan real estate school?

  • Kaplan Real Estate School offers courses that fulfill real estate license requirements. They also provide continuing education for real estate licensees who need to meet renewal requirements.

  • Why take continuing education courses at Kaplan?

  • Their continuing education courses help existing licensees to fulfill their requirements in that regard, with OnDemand video courses, or a more traditional online text-based format. Kaplan Real Estate Reviews praise the schools?continuing education just as much as the initial lessons.

  • Why choose Kaplan for your real estate license renewal?

  • This means that students are almost guaranteed to pass. Step by step support: Kaplan doesn only teach students about real estate; they provide career support and online classes on how students can start their own business. Kaplan takes it a step further by delivering continuing courses in the case of license renewal.

  • How long did your Kaplan real estate course last?

  • Kaplan offered an extremely supportive and complete online real estate course, with multiple interactive weekly study meetings that were a great addition to my at home studies. The course lasted 6 months and I passed the California salesperson exam on my first attempt! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review regarding your Kaplan materials.

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