is mcdonald’s in the real estate business

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Consumers think of McDonald as a burger restaurant,but in the business world,McDonald is considered a real estate company. While the brand has sold more than one billion hamburgers to customers around the world,85% of its stores are owned by franchisees.

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  • How McDonald became a real estate company?

  • Ray created a new company called the 楳cDonald Real Estate Corporation?which acquired land and leased it out to franchise partners. This helped him create what is a $53 Billion (2020) real estate business. So What is McDonald Strategy Story of becoming a Real Estate company?

  • How did McDonalds get started in business?

  • That all changed in 1956 when he hired Sonneborn, who convinced him that the real money was in real estate. Sonneborn’s idea was to have the McDonald’s company lease a plot of land and the building for each restaurant. The company would then sublease to the franchisee who would run the restaurant.

  • Is McDonalds a fast food company?

  • Technically Mcdonald’s is not a fast-food company. Mcdonald’s is a massive real estate management company with total assets of $47 Bn. What’s the strategy story?

  • Is McDonald’s a diversified business?

  • McDonald is a great example of how diversification helps to not just grow a business income but also lower its financial risks. McDonald is both a fast food and real estate business. As a fast food company, it doesn just operate its own restaurants, it also franchises the brand.

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