is real estate express legit

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Yes,Real Estate Express is a legitimate provider of real estate education services. The company is nationally accredited and offers online real estate pre- and post-license courses. It is a part of Colibri Real Estate,a recognized education brand focusing on helping professionals launch and advance their careers.

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  • Does real estate Express have the best reviews?

  • While the Real Estate Express reviews have a very good overall rating, it not enough to only read the positive reviews. While user and Google reviews have an average of 4.2-4.3, Facebook is well below that with a 2.6 rating. A recurring complaint was a lack of customer service and sections of the license exam incomplete or missing.

  • Is the real estate Express certification worth it?

  • Despite what some negative reviews say, it is totally legit. Real Estate Express will not take the exam for you. They will also not be able to award you the certification directly. As with any online learning experience you’ll need to dedicate time and push yourself to finish the course.

  • What is real estate Express?

  • Real Estate Express is an online real estate course for people who want to earn their real estate license. With Real Estate Express, you can complete real estate courses and acquire certification at your own pace online.

  • What is RealReal estate Express appraisal?

  • Real Estate Express is a money-making enterprise that wants the students to fail so that they can repeat the courses and pay extra money. In the appraisal course, which is an elective for the California real estate broker, all the questions in the final exam are different from those questions that appear in the unit reviews.

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