is there a real estate bubble

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  • What is a housing bubble and how does it affect you?

  • A housing bubble (aka a real estate bubble) is generally defined as a period of unexpected or unusual growth in demand for real estate and housing, paired alongside a sudden or uncommon spike in home pricing.

  • Is the real estate market in a bubble?

  • Yet a true real estate bubble indicates a much larger and catastrophic crash in values. Even in these overvalued markets, a 10% or higher crash in values doesn seem to be looming, although they may see a noticeable price correction over the next few years.

  • Is the real estate market on the verge of a burst?

  • While there is some unpredictability before spikes or plunges, there are many signs that can point to a growing real estate bubble or a burst. Below we describe a variety of market events that may indicate that the real estate market is on the verge of a housing boom or housing bust.

  • Is there a housing bubble in San Francisco?

  • Similar contraction occurred in San Francisco, where growth contracted 10.9% to an annual gain of 1.8%. As outlined in the timeline of a housing bubble, these moves can be traced to the market appreciating too quickly. Localized housing bubbles appear when local buyers believe real estate will continue skyrocketing in value.

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