is there a site like zillow for commercial real estate

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While there are a few sites that compile commercial real estate information,none are as comprehensive as Zillow,but they do have features that can help guide your search for commercial real estate. Zillow features Zestimates that help to determine the value of a home,and they have a large inventory of what on the market nationwide.

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  • Does Zillow have commercial real estate listings?

  • Finding commercial property on Zillow can be a real pain, but there a reason. Zillow doesn provide access to commercial real estate listings. They focus on residential real estate like homes and townhouses ?not commercial property. So, how do you access Zillow Commercial Real Listings if they檙e not available?

  • Is Zillow a good place to find listings?

  • Truth be told, Zillow can be a valuable resource for buyers, sellers, and real estate agents alike. From listings to local market data to real estate leads, Zillow is like the Google for housing.

  • Is it easy to find a commercial real estate listing online?

  • Whether you檙e a real estate investor, real estate agent or broker, or just looking for office space, finding and posting commercial listings online is easy when you know where to look. Is There a Zillow for Commercial Real Estate?

  • How many listings are available at Commercial Cafe?

  • Commercial Cafe is a commercial real estate information services provider with nearly 375,000 listings available. Listings include all commercial real estate property categories like commercial office space, industrial space, retail space for lease and for sale.

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