is wholesaling real estate legal in north carolina

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Yes,it is legalto wholesale real estate in the state of North Carolina if the wholesaler negotiates the process without violating the legal confines of North Carolina law.

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  • Is wholesaling legal in North Carolina?

  • Wholesaling is illegal in NC? I just ran in to a REALTOR that told me would not work with me because assignments of contract and wholesaling is illegal in North Carolina. I have contacted an attorney that advised assignments and double closings are perfectly legal in North Carolina as long as all parties are aware of it.

  • Is wholesaling legal in all 50 states?

  • Wholesaling is legal in all 50 states. The catch is that you need to understand the local and state real estate laws that govern wholesaling activities. To get an overview of the real estate state laws and better understand the requirements of conducting real estate transactions and wholesaling in your state, click on the appropriate link below.

  • Is it legal to wholesale real estate?

  • But what they don’t remember in their real estate training or research is the words For Another in the state’s real estate statute. (Maybe they missed that day of real estate class) Now what this means is if you’re not doing it for another, you’re doing it for yourself, and that makes it entirely legal for you to wholesale real estate.

  • What is a real estate wholesaling business?

  • A real estate wholesaling business is a legal and legitimate way to facilitate a real estate transaction and earn a nice fee in the process. Solving problems for sellers and presenting opportunities for buyers can be a rewarding experience when you creatively work to bring quality solutions to the table that benefit all parties.

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