what contingent means in real estate

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  • What does contingent mean when buying a house?

  • Contingent, broadly speaking, means that the owner of the property has accepted an offer but the deal has yet to be fully finalized. This may be displayed on a real estate website with a label saying ontingent?or ontingent: continue to show?

  • What is title contingency in real estate?

  • Title contingency: The buyer’s offer is contingent upon title to the home being clear of any liens. This contingency grants the buyer the right to review a title report, which documents the home’s history of ownership.

  • What is a contingent show in real estate?

  • The first one is known as ontingent show.?This means that there is a contract on the property, but the owner is still willing to show the property and will accept offers as back-up offers in the case the offer that is currently on the table fall through.

  • What does contingent with kick out mean in real estate?

  • The last of the contingent clauses is known as ontingent with kick-out.?This is a common phrase to put into a contract. It means that if there is currently an offer on the property, but a better offer comes along, the seller has the option to accept the better offer.

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